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Screenshot of the game.
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Pay attention to the mouse!



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In this mind-challenging color puzzle game for kids and adults alike you must fill the field layer for layer with color tiles in puzzle-like style.

Download Pentic 1.0 (1.2 Mb) free now!

Strategic thinking for successful gameplay is necessary but not too tiresome. You can change colors of tiles, cursor and background. Game use all possibilities of DirectX but don't have too hard system requirements. Full advantage of 800x600 graphics -- bright colors and large fonts. It is very easy to learn and have brilliant fun for all family - with difficulty levels to suit anyone. Win95/98/NT4.0.

Suitable for kids from six. Game develops by player logical thinking, anticipation and strategical planning on more than one level. Smart hints gives mascot of the game -- the smart mouse. Hours and hours of highly addictive gameplay! And key "Boss is coming!" -- F12 -- is always persent.

Game needs DirectX 3.0 or higher installed on the computer. It works with Win 95, 98 and NT 4.0. Pentium 75 or better and at least 8 Mb of RAM.

Pentic is shareware. After trial period of 10 working (not calender!) days you must register and pay $ 15 in order to keep the game running.

Download Pentic (1.2 Mb) free now!

9 September 1999
Finished Pentic 1.0

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